About the programme

Computer Marshal (CMA+) is proficiency qualification in the area of ICT and related skills. The competency-based qualification is designed to identify the professional actors in the computer sector of entrepreneurship and the likes. Legitimately, the CMA+ has been a registered brand of the Uyo Business School of Competency and Professionalism by the federal government of Nigeria as a business trademark through the Federal Ministry of Industry, Trade & Investment with the number: NG/T/2022/379.


Adding value to computer builders, users and promoters through the prestigious CMA+ as a professional cum competency-based title (Computer Marshal); and motivate them to gainful and meaningful business venture while using computer and mobile devices in their daily activities.


To inculcate the habit of positive invention in a global space, promote competency and proficiency among ten million (10m) computer builders, users and promoters in both private and commercial endeavors across the globe by the year, 2030.



Advertising on global space such as website creation and hosting on internet, facebook page and other social media platforms.

Reach out

Reach out to students of computer programs and employees of ICT departments and units through heads of institutions and captains of industries who may grant the order to “Marshalize” their students and employees with the identity “m”, (silver colour on a red background badge).

The Computer

The computer professional who has passed the ICT based examination shall be authorized to wear as a mark of honour and prestige, the CMA+ boldly written against his or her name (suffix) at all times and in all fora.

Computer Marshal Examination

The Computer Marshal program that leads to the award of CMA+ is a one-hour examination in any area of choice or general computer science, with a set of 100 questions that cover the core point of the area of computer business ranging from Word processing, Spreadsheet- number manipulation and analysis, Database or file management-information manipulation, Graphics-pictorial display of statistics, Communications-transmission of data, internet, repairs, programming, hardware and software engineering etc. This competency-based examination questions are meant to be sourced from various computer specialists, whose practical experience on day-to-day computer usage have solved problems and introduced innovations to daily lives practices.
For one to become a Marshal in computer (CMA+), he/she must be able to have practical experience in different applications including their enabling devices such as desktop, laptops and mobile phone devices.

Applicant for Computer Marshal Certificate Examination (CMCE)

Candidates for the COMPUTER MARSHAL Examination program are drawn from the general group of computers irrespective of one’s academic background or other educational attainment. Once the candidate could read and understand the question presented before him, followed by his ability to interpret, answer and submit the response for marking, then he/she stands a chance of getting it correct or wrong. The examination shall at all times be drawn from different areas of computer that may form part of the candidate’s assessment on the fair knowledge about computer usage, building and or promotion.


Since the program is a competency-based education certificate program, candidates must apply to the Program Management Team (PMT), through the online platform procedures as may be directed by the administrative unit, which might be changing from time to time. But the major thing is: candidate must receive an enrolment code, which shall be sent secretly to his or her phone number. The code number shall later be processed by the PMT, and thereafter, provide a number that will remain the registration number for the candidate.

Certificate Awarded

Candidates who write and pass the Computer Marshall Examination (CME) will be awarded the proficiency certificate known and addressed as COMPUTER MARSHAL (CMA+).

Required Points for MARSHAL Certificate

At least 80 percent average of the total marks for the examination shall be required for the award of the Computer Marshall Certificate.


All candidates who score between 80 % average and above in one sitting, shall be inducted into the forum of Computer Marshal, a body of the professional certificate holders across the globe at the Uyo Business School or any other venue as may be directed by the Uyo Business School of Competency & Professionalism.

We thank you for your interest in Uyo Business School, while waiting for your future actions on our request and collaborations.

Marshal Scholarship and Motivation

There is a scholarship scheme readily available for candidates who score between 90% and above in one sitting, and modern Laptop Computers for candidates who score 80% and above in one sitting.

Point of Partnership and Engagement

Having considered your wealth of experience and positive contributions in the world of ICT, you are therefore at this point called to partner this vision to a successful conclusion through:

i. Your company personnel (at least 2 persons shall be nominated into the examination’s council) as representatives.

ii. Your ICT facility (which might be use as one of the centers for the examinations).


The ultimate benefit for partnering this project is the joy of participation in the making of 10 million MARSHALS across the globe by the year 2030. However, there are other branded benefits which include:

1. Business relationship with other CMA+ holders in other countries of the world

2. Automatic membership into MARSHALS’ FORUM

3. Free access to MARSHALS’ conferences and workshops

4. Free publication of articles in UBS Research Journal

5. Global recognition as a topnotch in the area of computer

6. Employment made easy

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